Manuscripts written at the end of his life: W.G. Sebald. From, "And If I Remained by the Outermost sea." In, After Nature. New York, 2002.

De Bestiis Marinis: George Wilhelm Steller published De Bestiis Marinis ("The Beasts of the Sea") in St. Petersburg in 1751. It was originally written in Latin. The first English translation appeared in an appendix to The Fur Seals and Fur-Seal Islands of the North Pacific Ocean. D.S. Jordan, Editor. Washington D.C., 1899.

"No one who has studied various lands doubts that the vast ocean contains many animals which today are unknown, and that there are very many regions in the ocean where the curious and venturesome inquiries of Europeans have not yet penetrated; and so no one has been able to examine their contents. Thus it stands with the animals of the sea as compared with the animals of the land." Ibid.