lifting the keel: "The noise grows steadily till it is like all the pipes of an organ; the ship trembles and shakes, and rises by fits and starts, or is sometimes gently lifted." F. Nansen, Farthest North: The Exploration of the Fram 1893-1896. Edinburgh, 2002.

Nansen Fugan (P'u-Yüan Nan-ch’üan): ( 748-834) An outstanding Ch'an (Zen) master, he appears many times in the Mumonkan, one of Zen's central collections of koans and commentary.

Fridtjof Nansen: (1861-1930) A writer, scientist, athlete, and arctic explorer, he initiaIly gained his reputation for skiing across Greenland. In 1893, his famous voyage on the Fram proved that a current runs from Siberia to Greenland. In 1922, the Norwegian received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in repatriating prisoners of war. See, R. Huntford's biography, Nansen: The Explorer as Hero. New York, 1998.

over the trackless: D.F. Pelly, “How Inuit Find Their Way in the Trackless Arctic.” Canadian Geographic. Aug/Sept 1991.

fox trap: In Japanese folklore, Fox is a trickster. There are many ghost stories in which Fox appears. In Chinese folklore there are stories of the fox-fairy.