Nunam-shua: "The Indweller in the Earth." "In Chugach folklore, the Earth Inweller is frequently described as 'the indweller in the alder trees.' Her home is inland in the mountain forests. In other words, she indwells in trees as well as soil, rock, and land animals." D. Merkin, Powers Which We Do Not Know.Moscow, ID. 1991.

the experience: A.G. Grapard, "Flying Mountains and Walkers of Emptiness: Toward a Definition of Sacred Space in Japanese Religions." History of Religions. February 1982.

Nuliajuk: The spirit of the sea. “All game originated from the fingers of Nuliajuk. Her finger joints were transformed into sea game.” J.G. Oosten, “The Symbolism of the Body in Inuit Culture.” Visible Religion Vol 1. 1982.

slow deep time: P. Reis, "Arctic Refuge Sutra." Talk given at Pacifica Graduate Institute, 17 March 07.

You have heard: A. Sondheim. From, "The Gods."

shuguna: "The shugunra has the same appearance as the individual creature. However it is miniature in size. It dwells inside the body…The shugunra may travel away from the body during sleep; its adventures are experienced as dreams." D. Merkin, Powers Which We Do Not Know.Moscow, ID. 1991.

is only to be found: Ibjugaarjuk. (Paallirmiut shaman) In, K. Rasmussen, The Intellectual Culture of the Iglulik Eskimos. Vol. 7 (1) of Report of the Fifth Thule Expedition, 1921-24. Copenhagen.

Inua: "Inua, which literally means 'the human of this one who is spoken of,' is a word pertaining to the animistic vision of the cosmos, which means that every living being is inhabited by a common living entity. This renders possible the metamorphosis of animal into man and visa versa." R. Gessain, "Dance Masks of Ammassalik." Arctic Anthropology Vol. 21, No 2., 1984.

Shua: "shua names a class of metaphysical beings that indwell in all the animals and inanimate phenomena of the world...all people, animals, and trees have a shua, but a rock has none... A shua is 'just like us'— that is, anthropomorphic —in appearance, but brighter." D. Merkin, Powers Which We Do Not Know. Moscow, ID. 1991.