When we lose faith: Spirits exist outside of men, but only as long as men think of them. If they ever go out of mind, they go out of existence. Hunters who honor slain animals guarantee the survival of their spirits. Neglected spirits disappear." E. Carpenter, Eskimo Realities. New York, 1973.

just watch TV: "The Inuit took to guns and ammunition, motorboats, snowmobiles and television very quickly. Many are willing to exploit the natural resources of their land. The North Slope Inupiat of Alaska have taken strong prodevelopment stances prompted by the possibility of gaining economically from the sale of oil from their land, and there are few reasons why Canadian Inuit should not do the same. The conception of the ecologically noble savage is challenged by much evidence, yet seems to be maintained.” Douglas J. Buege, “Confessions of an Eco-Colonialist: Responsible Knowing Among the Inuit." In, D. Rothenberg, Editor, Wild Ideas. Minneapolis, MN., 1995.

is Sila aborted too?: "To Westerners she is the unconscious, while Inuit speak of Sila. "Sila, goddess of the natural order, is also the goddess of thought...he who obeys her laws, prospers. He who ignores her, suffers and dies." E. Carpenter, Eskimo Realities. New York, 1973. "Moreover, we don't even know all the things that we don't know …the models don't realistically include ice sheets and the biosphere– all the plants and animals on Earth. The global climate surely has more surprises for us." J. Achenbach, “The Tempest.” Washington Post, 28 May 2006.

the stripped-down: R. Smith, "Finding a Muse in Mountains and Chestnut Trees." New York Times, 27 January 2006