Walking into the forest: "There sits the disciple hour after hour rubbing the little stone in a circle against the large one, in anxious expectation of what is to appear."
W. Thalbitzer, “The Shaman Priests of East Greenland.” Shaman’s Drum. #21, Fall 1990.

even in summer: S. Hall, The Fourth World: The Heritage of the Arctic and its Destruction. New York, 1987.

Out-tooled: "The Inuit were a formidable people with a tradition of warfare. They hunted bowhead whales in large boats (umiaks) and moved swiftly across the landscape in dogsleds. Their hunting technology and weaponry were highly sophisticated and included mechanical harpoons and recurved bows." J.F. Hoffecker, A Prehistory of the North. New Brunswick, NJ., 2005.

vessels of sand: "Three years after burying our pet in the yard, the skelatal remains had turned to fine sand, out of the sand bloomed beautiful purple chrysanthemums....Dirt and sand are fragile and easily lose their form but also serve as the powerful vessel for new life." Quoted by, O. Yasunobu, "Psychotherapy and Buddhism: Attending to Sand." In, M. Unno, Editor, Buddhism and Psychotherapy. Boston, 2006.

when you trace the universe: N. Turok, "The Cyclic Universe: A Talk with Neil Turok."The Edge. http://www.edge.org/3rd _culture/turok07/turok07 _index.html

Note: The mask is a Dorset driftwood mask.