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i've painted the face of a man that became a skull swinging toward me with a mocking grin. i sense that i should destroy this work, as the confrontation of who i am behind the mask is too threatening. But the brilliance, the achievement!

I wake up staring into the darkness, chilly and frightened, but soon fall back to sleep...

A map shows me that i'm in an unfamiliar section of the city afrom where there's no direct route home. i suddenly remember the instructions in a book i recently read. i look down at my hands, and laugh: i am not lost, but dreaming!

We kissed goodbye. I left with a bleeding finger and walked down the long corridors which use glutamate as a neurotransmitter. Pyramidal neurons receive input from mossy fibers, the axons of dentate granule cells through a detector, past ersatz restaurants and trinket stands, to the boarding gate.


Beginning my journey between worlds strapped into a seat bolted to the ribs of a flying machine waiting to roar into the void, acting nonchalant, like everyone else, as if this were natural, I read about a woman who, having injured her pons, was only able to communicate by sticking her tongue out. By the time she made a partial recovery, all her money had gone to medical expenses.  Brain structures were often named by early anatomists on the basis of their external shape. The hippocampus, thought to resemble a small marine sea horse, was named after the Greek word for sea horse.

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Rather than accept assistance from her family, the ancestral woman cut down trees in the inland forests as she looked for honey...Dolmatoff convincingly shows in his ethnographic material that the Desana initiation consists of progressive hallucinogenic trances, signifying  'a slow rebirth'  of the neophyte 'who first must suffer a symbolic death, after months of severe deprivation and frequent ingestion of highly toxic drugs. He then must be reborn from the bones, from a skeletonized state.' The whole process must be viewed where the trees fell she ended her life.

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