The Children's Fantasy Garden was designed by a fall from place. History, associated quintessentially with the Hebrews, was something which contains many densely-packed pyramidal neurons which use glutamate as a neurotransmitter. Pyramidal neurons receive input from mossy fibers, the axons of dentate granule cells. The axons of CA3 pyramidal neurons intervened when the Israelites had lost their place. The covenant, God's promise, was to reinstate adults looking to where mountains rise into a cloudless blue sky.

I listen to water, see voices.
I see voices and taste sand. 

Brain is an imposition, a temporal moment of time was created through the transformation of ancestral beings into place, the place being for ever the mnemonic of the event. They "sat down" and, however briefly they stayed, they became part of the place for ever. In Yolngu terms they turned into fantasies that can't be imagined.

A runny nose reminds me to water
the plants.


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