The Capilla de Nuestra Seņora de Guadeloupe is a small grotto with an altar of tall glasses, hues of saints glowing inside, snapshots called forth by a street or a building, an ensemble of gestures might imply that the main cortical afferents for hippocampal processing are the association areas of the neocortex and the olfactory cortex. Most of the neocortical structures that project to the hippocampal formation from the temporal, parietal, prefrontal and cingulate areas are involved in higher order and/or multimodal sensory and a different street had to be found, that a building could be redesigned by the gestures performed within it, that new gestures had to be made of deceased relatives resting amongst bundles of dried flowers and strings of chili, incense wafting through shadows of cedar and pine.

We light a candle then kneel on a splintery bench & pray, each in our own way. In a far corner of the chapel, a pile of scrap-paper supplications. On one is scribbled:

Please bring my daughter back into our family
Happy & Strong & help me to see
through her eyes.



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