Sister and I drove down US 95, a festival of interconnected structures surrounding a central fluid-filled ventricle of the forebrain and forming an inner border of the cerebral cortex. The structures include the hippocampus, amygdala, septum, anterior thalamic nuclei, mammillary bodies, and cingulate cortex. The fornix is a long fiber bundle joining the hippocampus to patterns of speeding minds, to visit the Miami Museum, but there wasn't parking.
The next morning, while I sat by the pool, talking to Carlos, the condo's manager, a Guatemalan by birth, a teacher by training."My father was a doctor, while I make my living with practical engineering skills," A photographer, too, he told me of a trip he made to Appalachia, where the poverty "is worthy of my native country." Then to South Dakota's squalid conditions on the "res."
He told me of when, a young boy, he had peeked under the Virgin Mary's skirt. "I saw only a chunk of wood. From that day on I've been an atheist." "It's all a mystery," I replied. "Yes," he said, turning to leave."There's always several sites in the Middle East from the early Neolithic where human skulls were used for some ceremonial purpose.They were found at Jericho, 'Ain Ghazal, Beisamoun and Cayonu (and many more, those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head).You could find thigh-bone trumpets, skull bowls, double-child-skull clapper drums (damaru), and bone jewelry. All these implements were first fabricated by ancient Indian Mahasiddhas (Great Adepts) and continued to be used in Tibet to symbolize awareness of impermanence, transcendence of death, and even transmutation of descriptions in the site reports, with reference to the Mystery."
He began his oration in a curious and amusing manner, though with an authoritative tone, his voice quivering with anger and his gaunt finger pointing toward the dreamer. What reason have you to call us your dream creatures and yourself the creation of us all? If you are our creator we say equally emphatically that so are we the creator of yourself. We are all in the same boat, and you can claim no sort of higher existence than ours. If, however, you want to be convinced of my statement, I can show you the creator of us all, that is, of yourself as well as ours. With these words he struck the dreamer on the head with his heavy staff, who, in consequence, woke up and found himself lying in bed with his mind extremely puzzled.

Mother: I never dream.
Me: You dream, you just don't remember your dreams.
Mother: Thank God.


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