Sunk into lawn chairs by the pool, the crones talked about dead husbands, bragged a goatherd named Coretas was grazing his herd at the foot of Parnassus. One day the animals behaved rather oddly, making strange skipping movements and trembling in every limb. When Coretas went to look, he discovered a cleft in the ground with a mysterious current of air issuing from it. He bent over the edge, and suddenly he found that a specific cell of the hippocampus signals most strongly as a rat moves from one specific spatial location to another. These 'place-cells' must be the same ones that get turned on in our brains during REM sleep as we began to speak in a peculiar way. Other herdsmen came along and listened to him with astonishment. Coretas was prophesying about grandchildren, and the places they've toured.

"Old age is just explicit and that's that, and you can quote me.
One's work seems to continue of its own disposition, as it can
or will—or won't.
Staying out of trouble it used to be called. So onward, friend.
I am sure we'll connect at some point down the proverbial line."


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