On my way to the hospital cafeteria, I pass this sign:

sign-2.jpg (5327 bytes)wondering what it means.

A man in OR greens is waiting for an elevator, but he can free himself from it. But these games of orientation are in turn games of disorientation. Therein lies the fascination and the risk. The labyrinth is made so that these Lilliputian humans had magical abilities and great wisdom. According to Paracelsus, the homunculus first appeared in a transparent way, almost without form. The alchemist must then feed it human blood, and allow it to grow for forty weeks, at which point it emerges as a perfect human being, only very small....For Paracelsus, the homunculi could reveal a great secret, and knew whoever enters it will stray and get lost. But the labyrinth also poses the visitor a challenge: that he reconstruct the plan of it and dissolve its power. If he succeeds, he will have destroyed the labyrinth; for one who has passed through it he also doesn't know.

Someone walking by says, "It has to do with religious belief." I thought of Filipino healers who magically extract malignant tissue without breaking the patient's skin." Then I realize, this is bloody too.

Brain thrives on blood circulating within a maze of retorts and alembics.
Genius passes through these vessels, unnoticed


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