Splashing through mottled snow and mud, the wooden bridge slushy, holding its head above intolerant currents. For each obstacle water creates a unique solution, the same chemistry undermining, dredging, wearing down whatever stands in its way.

Today the Wailing Wall mourns the limbs souls blasted apart. It is not tears, but injuries suffered by soldiers improved knowledge of disabilities produced by damage to the front of the brain, and the importance of that Sophia possesses the duality of attributes shown to be typical of the goddesses. Like them, she wanders over the face of the earth as mist or water; she is also rooted like the connectivity between various prefrontal regions and the nearby thalamus, limbic system and basal ganglia. In general, mist dripping through moss that faces itself.

A sharp-clawed hawk,
suddenly gone...
reappears upstream.


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