This morning I joined the caravan of vehicles over the Golden Gate Bridge, draining into streets whose names have remained familiar. But I'd forgotten that the neuroanatomical evidence of massively altered brain proportions and the anthropological and clinical evidence for universality of symbol learning across a wide spectrum of circumstances indicate that the human brain has been significantly over-built for learning symbolic associations. Human brain structure is an exaggerated reflection--a caricature almost--of the special demands imposed by the challenge of their angle, and detoured around, working my may back to the God's Eye Theater, a beauty parlor now; the Straight Theater morphed into a supermarket. Golden Gate Park seems more developed then when I wrote:

    Alone in winter's drizzle—
    no pond, no frog, no sound.


I met Talan Memmont at the People's Cafe, he just back from L.A., bleary from two flights and little sleep. Over coffee we discuss mutual friends, personal plans, in the context dichotomies. Then I drive to North Beach, parking at a 15-minute meter opposite City Light Books, the place that beckoned me from New York to a new life, almost forty years ago. Now a revenant sweeping across titles of books looking the same as they did then: I have been much more than I am not at this moment.


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