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A drizzly gray mid-summer day at Walden Pond. Circling what i thought would be a holy font,
i  feel depressed, as i sense that the poet of the pond has deserted...
when i come upon an old man in a black kimono sitting by the shore. i sit down next to him.

i look in the direction of his gaze, and in his eyes i see a frog jump into the pond...
air blooms with a spray of  pixels, the man laughs & laughs, then recites a poem
whose words i do not understand.

In Albuquerque, NM, I'm startled by a fire engine's shrill siren, let's now descend the phyletic tree and see what happens when we stimulate the amygdala of reptiles. It's a tricky business to use living reptiles as examples of Cybele, herself, a castrated hermaphrodite, an almond tree sprouted from the severed genitals. Nana, a maiden, 'caught one the almond nuts in her lap at harvest-time, got pregnant from it, and exposed the offspring, Attis, who was raised by what reptiles might have been like  when mammals diverged, as current reptiles themselves come from the mind that loves to leap, quivers and shrinks into a round table. Three women are in an animated discussion. A man's reading a newspaper; another stares into space.

i am hiking in the mountains with a partner who hasn't been on this trail before. To our right is a mesa with large trees growing at its base, then high grass is in front of us, in which i know a trail is hidden, which we finally see...and emerge into a wide open field, where we rest by a table. There is a group of inexperienced hikers, with a guide who breaks out a container of water and explains that it should always contain some ice.

now will you lead me with the smell of almonds up over the leafless mountain, in the blood red evening...











Suddenly attacked—two punctures in the back of my hand, some red marks down a leg. The dog's owner calls him off, however, efforts to breed primarily for highaggression levels are what we are especially interested in here.  Development of such subspecies as Spanish fighting bulls, fighting cocks, Siamese fighting fish, and fighting dogs like the currently infamous English pit bull terrier has frequently been informally carried out by unschooled owners apologizing to me. What chemicals, I think, exploded in the animal's brain?


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