On another birthday of my life. Walk some clothes to the laundromat, sit outside, where the amygdala is the link between all sensory systems and all fear responses systems. It's the part of the brain involved independent of how the stimulus gets into the brain and how a small beetle searches for a way around my shoe.

For hunters of species who appeared in predictable places at predictable times, nomadography was their trace. In an era of quantum observations we were tracking a huge female elk that was pregnant and would soon have its baby. We had to be very silent. Step by step I followed the pregnant elk into the taiga. Hiding in the shelter of the forest, I watched as her baby was born. Exactly at the moment of birth, what can a circle mean?

Later, to the right of the bicycle path are small farms, trailers, fields of uprooted trees and crumbling adobe houses. To the left, the Rio Grande chokes on red mud it brought down from Colorado. It's been several months since I've walked the Nature Center's trails, and its paths seem to have changed. Or is it my mind that's changed?

Consciousness pierced by mosquitoes,
Listening to a coven of birds
updating the news.


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