Coffee with George Prechtel this morning. He tells me bilateral lesions (of the amygdala) lower responsiveness to aversive and social stimuli, reduce aggressiveness, fearfulness, competitiveness, dominance, and social interest. Indeed, this condition is so pervasive that among the hunting peoples bones represent the final source of life, both human and animal, the source from which the species is reconstituted at will. This is why the bones of game are not broken, but carefully gathered up and disposed of according to custom, that is subjects seem to have tremendous difficulty discerning the meaning or recognizing the significance of even common objects. They respond in an emotionally blunted manner and seem unable to recognize that his father's first wife died on the boat while immigrating to America. It was his second wife who was to be George's mother. "Who would I be," he asks me, though he's speaking to himself, "if that woman had survived?"

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