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Change is everywhere, from the furious ascent of life to a rapturous affair with death. Beginning to lose their leaves, do the trees know
kindling is an experimental procedure in which small, brief, high-frequency currents are passed across electrodes in an area of the brain. At first no effects are seen, but after several trials, usually given on a daily basis, an afterdischarge develops, and behavior changes are seen. As the process continues, eventually new buds will appear next year?

i am walking up an alley. At the other end a man is about to break through a door and murder someone inside. i quickly move into the shadows and freeze, hoping he won't see me, but he does. He walks toward me. He is tall and thin, wears a slouch hat and an overcoat: a maniacal Presence smiling while swinging a sword like a scythe. i feel an overwhelming fear and try to call out, but the sound chokes in my throat.



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