We spread a tarp over the wet grass, and later sat in the open heart of an automobile sculpture. Near the end both participants know that the communication loop between them has been closed, and for primates of all species this is the most potent of social situations.The discovery that the human amygdala is involved in detecting both gaze direction and facial expression shows that it is indeed part of a brain mechanism for representing the intentions and disposition of the evening, we talked to the mother of the electric keyboard player—his first paid gig. Then, with the frog croaking to "Take the A Train," we bicycled down ancient roads lined with ersatz adobe facades, a darker brown from the damp, guided by the light of a hazy full moon.

The next morning I was cornered by a woman who asked for the weather report. "Warm and windy,"
I replied. Then she began a non-stop postmodern pastiche, weaving together
woman-e.gif (29475 bytes) various cities with a sign across the street, and the names of nondescript persons. Fascinating me by how creative a schizophrenic mind can be.