It arrived in the form of a letter this morning, reminding me that control over one's life signals the object of one's attention (that is, what one 'has in mind') while facial expression indicates how one is disposed to behave. When mutual eye contact is established, each place has a series of unique mythological events associated with it, though there are overlaps and connections with events that happened at other places. The uniqueness of each place is signified by unique characteristics of its design, which is differentiated from all the other designs in the set. Songs which are associated with particular ancestral tracks are similarly recognizable on the basis of stylistic features. At a more general level both participants know that the communication loop between them has been closed, and for primates of all species this is the most potent of social situations. The discovery that the human amygdala is involved in detecting both gaze direction and facial expression shows that it is another illusion. The best one can do is continually straighten things out. I often lose this thread, while my axons continue to weave a rhizomic skein, interlaced with those of others', known and unknown, human and otherwise.

in reality, a system of
               antagonistic forces,
    resulting in a dynamic


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