When the speedometer reaches highway speed, I'm in the wrong lane to drive straight ahead, and return to where I began, the fear of never being able to leave New Mexico returns too! The second time I get it right, a Traveler at last, passing the Rio Puerco and Laguna Pueblo's radiant past, classical music on the radio at Gallup; passing the entrance to the Petrified Forest, and Hopiland's Second Mesa, reservation casinos, a trestle over the dry Little Colorado River; climbing to 7,000 ft. outside Flagstaff, and stopping for lunch beneath a Ponderosa Pine. Then down into the desert again, rocketing through Hades toward its elusive exit, I recall the story is told that the holy Baal Shem Tov was dancing with the Torah Scroll on the joyous festival of Simchat Torah. He handed the Torah Scroll to someone else, but he continued to dance. His disciple said, 'Our master has laid aside the visible dimensional teaching. He has taken the spiritual teaching of a junkie driving from New York to New Jersey through the Lincoln Tunnel to meet his drug connection, but the tunnel never ends. Suddenly he recalls that somewhere along the way he had died.


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