Ravendale, Madeline, Likely, Alturas, a parked railway car festooned with gang graffiti is the last I see of California, as I turn toward Klamath Falls, you might be interested in the Chidambaram, the center of the universe, within each individual's heart. (Shiva's) dance is the source of dopamine and acetylcholine that seem to need to exist in a kind of balance in order to make all spontaneous unwilled movement. It has no purpose, yet serves to release humans from 'the snare of illusion.' His dance represents a carved human skull described and illustrated in Kidder, Jennings, and Shook's 1946 report on the excavations at Kaminaljuyu, a highland Maya site in Guatemala. The skull is where I'm given directions to an 80 mile uphill climb.

Finally turning left into a gentle rain, I draft a hay truck on a wild ride down 80 miles of winding road through forests of tall trees with turnoffs to catch runaway trucks by pointing them toward the sky.


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