Waiting for a bus, a man's asleep next to me, his legs in fetal position, hands pillowing angelically curly hair against a political advertisement:

Leadership You'll Notice.

People walk past us, looking down on him, making me uncomfortable, therefore, any figure refers more clearly to the truth the more openly it shows, through dissimilar similarity, that it is the Medulla Grammatice, a very popular compilation of Latin words with English meanings, translated 'the core of the grammatical (art)', has been transmitted through 19 manuscripts and four fragments (others we know to have been lost). Essentially the Medulla was indeed a figure and not the truth by proximity, while he smiles at something seen only to him.

When the bus arrives, I leave him to his dream.

A few stops later, I look to the front of the bus,
where he's standing up, ready to disembark!



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