As a new house rises between two others, construction hasn't changed much in this computer-driven age. The same fat bellies of concrete-mixing trucks are slowly churning a heavy gray mass. The same wooden forms are waiting to be filled. The same crew stands around in grimy jeans, t-shirts, and yellow hard hats.

A woman strides past me wearing a backpack, black leotards warming trim thighs. I'm surprised when I see a haggard face controlling the pituitary glands. It dominates the entire hormonal system in the body, and has important effects on metabolism, growth and various processes involved in reproduction...Yet another role of the hypothalmus is to act with other parts of the brain in controlling sleep and wakefulness, and in riding atop a youthful-looking body.

Reaching the corner, I wait for the bus that passed in the opposite direction a few minutes ago, and should soon be reaching its turn around place.

  Suddenly I realize that I can't remember my father's face.


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