At the entrance to the forest the abstract sculpture is a liminal vision with several vegetative functions and some of the so-called motivated behaviors, like thermal regulation, sexuality, combativeness, hunger and thirst. The hypothalamus is also believed to play a role in emotion. Specifically, its lateral parts seem to be involved with pleasure and rage, while the median part is likely to be involved with aversion, displeasure and a tendency to uncontrollable and loud laughing that the retina retains, making the wilderness into an abstract creation. Great Pan may be dead, but he's up on Modern Art. 

Walls of spiky fronds and boughs rise on either side of the path. With rainfall only 60% of normal, the creek moves urgently, as if sensing its end. Further on, I chance upon "that awesome goddess," Artemis, washing her flowing hair. Embarrassed, I turn away, only to hear a giggle.


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