In the museum, a wooden bodhisattva is armless, like Venus. Unlike the goddess, she has no breasts; yet, this is a vital woman none the less.

Displayed in a glass box, she stands not for sexual desire, but a mind in which they could read vast amounts of information about plants, animals, landscape, and Dreamtime stories. With certain kinds of cross-hatching and dots, to retrieve information about this rock, somehow there must be a collection of information from all over the brain. In other words, if we put it that way even the word 'rock' may be stored all over the brain and all the various attributes which the rock has are stored, not necessarily just simple two-dimensional designs, they could read all they had to know about a location and its many languages. They said the white man couldn't read this pattern language because love is the practice of naked compassion.

A reticular bridal gown of vines and leaves.
Whose wedding
is this? Persephone's?


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