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As the seeds she spilled sprang up closer to home, it would seem as if the magical woman, the Great Mother and Mistress of Animals, was now becoming the Mistress of Plants. Ceres, the goddess of wheat, was about to make her appearance...


rain stains my jacket a deeper green. Opening an umbrella, I walk beneath
a cold drizzle.



Across the street the entrance to a building is guarded by high-relief sculptures of Ceres, she who can kick without planting a foot, hangs suspended, stone-still.

Dancing in her heart, her excited celebrants hop around,
while she looks down, amused, swaying imperceptibly...

—wind-blown mind-driven—


A man walks out from another room. Pointing to the room from which he'd just emerged, he says, "This is my work room. No one is allowed in it." The Other smiles, and the man turns to leave. But the Other senses it is not over.

There is a disturbance of the air around him, and with his arms parallel to the floor, the Other floats to the ceiling, where he's hovering when the man suddenly turns and attacks. The Other kicks him hard in the head, which is eye-level to the Other's feet, and the man staggers and falls.

The Other calmly floats down. Except for the unconscious man on the floor, it is as if nothing unusual had happened.


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