Walking on a soggy carpet of pink petals fallen beneath a long row of blossom-burdened trees, I asked a woman sauntering by, "Do you know what these trees are?" "I think they're Japanese Flowering Cherry Trees," she said. "But don't quote me." I assured her that I wouldn't.

Never trust writers with your words, they'll deracinate them, roots and all. Sow them a sentence and you'll find the figuration of these goddesses expresses the passage from the tellurian stage to the 'lunar' stage: one sees therein the principle of the feminine deity engaged in a struggle with the sub-terranean forces that had previously defined her : the nocturnal or tellurian deity becomes double and the same words suddenly sprouting from a muddy etymology.

   Flowering Cherry trees,
  emancipating pigments
  of which they are aware?


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