The Brewery Building downtown is festering in the ethos of destruction. Monstrous cogs of machinery rule the plot, prying apart riveted scaffolding, punching out chunks of gray integument, baffling hangs free in the scant sunlight, the twisted lines of power unraveled.

Recycling the ruins of postmodernity, it is suggested in Festus that fala has an Etruscan origin meaning 'on high, heaven.' Some of the other Late Latin forms quoted may be attempts to fashion Latin words from Romance forms, rather than indications of their etymology. The connection of fal(i)cum with balcony...'beam, rafter, girder, joist' is intriguing since an important part of any scaffold is wood, glass, ruptured lengths of pipe, screeds of concrete, useless as decayed teeth of the Maginot Line...

overshadowed by a vat,
in which something indecipherable
is fermenting.



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