Spring begins hot on the sleeve, glaring off outdoor tables and the hoods of cars. My sinus cavities flow, toes wiggling in infernal shoes.

At the next table I hear, "It's already been 102 degrees in Death Valley." In the woods, water emerges from the mundus, a dead poem uncannily rising to the lips of an ancient bard. A canopy of mist covers tall flora. I walk in as hounds are trotting out, their obedient masters trotting behind.

Evolution is a bricologe with reciprocal paths that interact to synthesize incoming information. One carries a large amount of data from different brain and body areas and contains memory cells. The other originates in the brain stem and interacts with the first pathway to learn new patterns of movement based on incoming information. New skills are learned by trial and error and then coded into the cerebellar memory. Clinical observations suggest a runner splashes through. Should I go further? "It's late and I'm getting old." Hearing this, the trail lends my legs its muddy feet.



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