Lacamas Park, Washington State.

Park the car and the dogs leap out. Round Lake to the right, old stands of Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir. "Like Florida's cypresses with climbing vines," my pending trip in mind. 

Walking through a slippery field of yellows and greens, we're reminded of Van Gogh's palette, sensing the energy of his Cro-Magnon art...involved not brushes but a Jewish practice of placing the imprint of a bleeding hand upon the walls of each floor of a building. Among the Garos, of Assam, white hand marks form a part of the rice-harvest ceremony. Hand prints are found on the Kei Islands. Similar negative prints of hands are a kind of oral spray-painting: blowing pigment dissolved in saliva on the wall...Spitting is a way of projecting vision hearing the high falls hidden ahead.

The dogs hesitate at crossing a stream,
                                                             we leap from rock to rock                                                                                  
                                                                   to where the Goddess' white hair                                                                                    

                                                                                 catapults down
                                                                                              to a placid pool.  

Sit on damp grass and talk about the clouds. Then traverse a small dam with rusty gears, and a wooden bridge that jumps beneath our feet.


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