To look is an act that is rarely damaged, due to its position in the head. When damaged, the occipital lobe may cause changes in sight and perception. When one side of the occipital lobe is damaged, sight is lost in both eyes even though only one side of the occipital lobe says, "I'm looking at what?" 

Between dreams, the visage of a potted plant is dense jungle Ponce de Leon
is hacking through, sweating in heavy armor and funny metal hat, natives on
his heels, the poison arrow nocked.

Now we have eyes that see through walls, and around corners; prosthetic eyes that replace organic vision; magnetic eyes that pry into the machinery of the brain; lenses that see from Outer Space down to Earth within a few feet; strong eyes that look deep into moments of molecular being, and galaxies until recently unseen.

a squirrel looks at me through round
shiny black eyes  



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