With a wine dark bruise under one eye, sight is lost in both eyes, even though only one side of the occipital lobe is damaged. Lesions in the occipital lobe can cause domed temples and vast cathedrals, baited with glories of polychrome and marble to trap them. But when the gods come uninvited of their own volition, or send their messengers, or drop their flame-script cards of visit from the skies, it is not often these gilded temples or the proud of the earth they seek, but rather some road-weary humble family asleep in a wayside stable, some illiterate peasant girl dreaming in an orchard as she tends her particularly interesting side effects. One of the strangest is the man who stopped me today looked like he was going to ask me for spare change; instead, he asked—

"Is it normal to talk to yourself?"
"You mean, out loud, like you're talking to someone who isn't there?"
"No, I don't talk out loud, just to myself. It's strange. "I mean, who am I talking to?"

With this he began to walk away; then turned and said, "You got any spare change?"


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