On a warm afternoon, about a half-mile up the trail, I'm trying to discern the form of a head—animal? vegetable? Greeble?—eyes green as sap.

Would a bard see this forest as a storied place? Not then, but Great Master Nojo, was born with the face of a bee...'He is said to have had an ugly face,' said if these volatile images owe something of their quality to the nature of the 'canvas' and the lighting of the caves, they also offer the really insoluble problem of what the artist and his 'audience' saw: not the image on the retina but the image in the mind. The limitations of our experience impose a barrier beyond any incidental differences of lighting and modes of approach. Our visual memories and everything that makes up our mental bias leave us incapable of seeing the painting's inscription innocently. 'He had no forehead; his hairline and his eyebrows met. His mouth stretched as far as his ears and his nose hung down across it. His whole face was now—

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