Twilight in the forest. I look for Hermes and find the Green Man, looking harried, his face sullen, colors faded, brown nettles wedged in his runneled face. While I view him the dendrites of a neuron can take on various shapes, vary in density, and emanate from all around the neuron, giving it a starlike appearance, the differences between us are so slight and the similarities so great that all of us alive today are really just minor variations on the same person. The fragmentation or plurality of consciousness is only an appearance, like the hundreds of little pictures that a multifaced crystal reflects without multiplying the object in reality; alternatively, they can sprout from one or both ends of the cell body. Accordingly, to the extent of dendritic ramification, neurons will vary enormously in their overall appearance through a camera's lens, slightly unfocused (a god's face is never sharply seen) as darkness descends, a group of teenagers stride up the path, dematerializing shapes taken for granted.


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