Archetypically synchronized to animals, the shaman remembers a language that keeps the universal interpreted with speech not descended from words, always risking animated spirits as perceived in certain self-expressive plays.

That we are pictured as mammalian souls results
in not reporting a Siberian God,
because history purposes an earth reduced to a few
known divine sufferers.

While our bird-masked inclinations are fated around metaphoric images, a reading in which spirits wander as gifts dressed to kill, we intimately act through rites
of recent history's paleolithic evidences.

Woth linguistically satisfied connections, subjectively means shapes may enter our mind,
while signs accustom the world to the ordinary.

                     Which culture will paint the tyranny of Lascaux as a name for past rituals?
    Not even those who wear large colors, as their scholarship is caught
in understanding rocks, instead of the meaning of threads.