People rush to cities touted by media as the most desirable places to live...until overcrowded, overpriced, crime-ridden--

                                                              My rent has been raised twice this year. With little money, noisy neighbors, dogs barking all night, why do I still feel like it was not primarily hunting magic, or art for art's sake, or for purely ceremonial reasons that Paleolithic cave art was made, but from a lack. That is, when what we call "humans" left behind, slowly, what they had been--what we call "animals"--in order to become a unique species, tens of thousands of years later they still didn't know--and still don't know--what they are, so unique to nature are they. They missed, then, the security of the animal in themselves, and thus by a leap of their genius I'm the happiest man alive?

among these intrusive objects
are mountains sent by
hallucinogens, which serve
as supernatural powers received through concepts of an animal's ability to send its soul from one skeleton to another, marked by
levels and magically transformed  into organs.

                           Painting, or carving stone; getting stoned, or stoned to death-- the artist, the druggie, the sinner, all act before knowing what of themselves they are sacrificing.