Police stare across the courtroom, guns strapped to their side, sitting erect on the other side of
an agnatic arc. "Presumed innocent, until proven guilty," the defendants nervously unarmed.

Behind the smokehouse the traps seemed strange,
coming around the bear's flesh only,
daring not to look see find its Being.

Pursued two fishers, chased caught looked
upon from an owl's eyes, the birds disappeared,
wheeling amid ice up river.

Glanced away from what my trance was hunting,
crossed over the river, headed around
a snowbank, and buried my bones.

As the judge reads my brief, I'm hoping he appreciates the fact that hieroglyphics were a mixed or 'doubled' writing, part pictograph, part phonetic. Thus, while it might be an ibis or a bull which was depicted, its significance could be either what it represented, or it could be a phoneme sounded within a word or sentence: a 'doubled' test with respect to reading. Thus, in both representation and in the written text, Vivienne Hermann is dying, as visiting her when my car was tagged is my crucial point. He alternately reads and looks down at me. I try to fathom this maudlin-faced man in black robe. What could he be thinking, while I'm thinking apple deaf?