As there are tables outside the cafe, I sit down. From the other tables professional types give me unfriendly looks, as, I am not dressed in office attire.

A man sitting nearby makes a strange gesture. I ask him what it means. He tells me it is used in his profession. Then another man, stands up and says, "Buy low in Seattle, (while pulling on his left ear and taking a few steps forward), sell high in New York," (while pulling on his right ear). Others knowingly laugh. Sensing they are not making fun of their profession, but are mocking themselves, my eyes open...

Returning to court, this time as a spectator, the moment I enter the room, the bailiff orders me to remove my hat. First to testify is an expert on polygraph examinations, taking almost an hour to relate his credentials, while I question how much of it is the three decorated caves in the Ariège region of southwest France. Unconventionally, they were not looking for stone tools, engraved objects, or new paintings. They were singing. More specifically, they moved slowly through the caves, stopping repeatedly to test the resonance of the hand or a hand of thought, as Heidegger gives us to think it is not of the order of conceptual grasping. Rather this thought of the hand belongs to the essence of the gift, of a giving that would give, if this is possible, without taking hold of each section. Using notes spanning three octaves, they drew up a resonance map of each cave and discovered that those areas with the highest resonance were stretching the truth.

On the TV tonight: "A live presentation recorded earlier."

                           Thus, Ananda, bit by bit  we construct our reality.