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  Deeply beneath the earth,
     unshapely, fragility of wholeness tattooed
     with plots hatched without a plan; mysteries
     that crack open, but only for a moment.

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Awi, Avian, aumy, augury, birds
as the fate on which we brood.

Religore (Lat.) to bind together.
Chalom (Heb.) to bind firmly.
Hebrew divides outer, from inner;
challamunth also means "to dream."

In Polynesian myth, Ta'aroa the creator of the universe,
"sits in his shell in darkness from eternity. The shell was
like an egg revolving in endless space."

The Cosmic Egg is brooded upon, heated by tapas,
the "store of concentrated energy...employed
for the purposes of creation.
The god-creator heats himself and thereby produces
the universe."

Humpty Dumpty was great big egg, and master of words,
to whom words meant no more than
taking every 'text,' or life
scenario, and unconsciously giving them all the same rewrite --thus always
finding the sacred and profane to be
what he wanted them to mean.

One day Humpty took a great big fall,  and no one could
put him together again.

     geese are honking


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