Conversations with Humanities Scholars:

Daniel C. Noel, Ph.D. "The Soul of Shamanism"
Gregory L. Ulmer, Ph.D. "Imaging EmerAgency"
Alan Sondheim, M.A. "Being On-Line"
David H. Rosen, M.D. "The Evolution of a Jungian Shaman"
Christopher Shultis, Ph.D. "Silencing the Sounded Self."
Jenny L. Yates, Ph.D. "Psyche and Brain"
Fatima Lasay, M.A. "Being Universal" (A Dialogue)








Interviewed by:

August Highland "Interview with Joel Weishaus"
Tom Bell "Writing for Health and Pleasure"
Robert Wilson "The Healing Spirit of Haiku"
Edward Picot "The Gateless Gate"





Lectures at Pacifica Graduate Instutute as Artist in Residence:

"Art and Alchemy"
"Art and Alchemy with an Emphasis on Photography"
"Art with Daoist Alchemy in Mind"
"The Paleolithic Roots of Written Language"
"Shakespeare and Alchemical Language"
"Alchemical Language with an Emphasis on Poetry"