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BOOKS [Not Archived]

Feels like Home Again-Collected Poems.
Lavender Ink, 2014.
Edward Picot, Ph.D.
           John Williams, Ph.D.

The Healing Spirit of Haiku, with David Rosen and Arthur Okamura.
North Atlantic Books, 2004; WIPF & Stock Publishers, 2014.
        Sample Reviews:
          Susan Rowland, Ph.D.
          Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, Ph.D.
Bits & Snatches: The Selected Poems of Sam Thomas.
Editor. White Rose Press, 1973.
Oxherding: A Reworking of the Zen Text, with Arthur Okamura.
Cranium Press, 1971.
On The Mesa: An Anthology of Bolinas Writers.
Editor. City Lights Books, 1971 


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