Internet Research 1.0:The State of the Interdiscipline 
The First Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers 
September 14-17, 2000 
University of Kansas 
Lawrence, Kansas

Friday Schedule 

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Alphabetical listing of participants
Time Woodruff Big 12 Centennial Pine International
8:00-9:20 8:00-5:00pm The 12hr ISBN-JPEG Project  Pedagogy -- In Practice Design Virtual Communities, Construction and Reality
9:30-10:50 Chat and Presence in Electronic Environments Internet and Democratization Advertising, Media, and Marketing  The Virtual

Keynote:Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis: The State of the Art
Susan Herring

12:30-1:50 Marketing on the Internet Mediating New Media  Theory and Philosophy of E-commerce Researching New Media: Textbook Project
2:00-3:20 Continued Methods: Gaining Inside Perspectives  Open Source

Keynote: Internet and the Network Society
Manuel Castells


9:30-10:50 211 Chat and Presence in Electronic Environments
Moderator: Andrea Baker, Ohio University 
  • Gossip and Social Status in a Chat Community

  • Lynn Cherny 
  • How are Emotions Expressed in Chats? A Cognitive Approach to Interjections in Catalan Chats

  • Marta Torres, Dept. of Catalan Philology, University of Barcelona 
  • Presence Revisited

  • David Jacobson, Department of Anthropology, Brandeis University 
  • Hanging Out in the Virtual Pub: A Case Study of Online Friendships

  • Lori Kendall, Social Science Division, SUNY-Purchase 

Big 12

8:00-5:00 212 The 12hr ISBN-JPEG Project 
Brad Brace 


8:00-9:20 213 Pedagogy -- In Practice
Moderator: Shawn Wahl, University of Nebraska 
  • Grading Listserv Participation in Large Classes

  • Philip Thompsen, West Chester Univeristy 
  • Raising my Virtual Hand: Student Tactics to Establish Presence in Online Classes

  • Tracy Russo, Department of Communication Studies, University of Kansas 
  • Voices Heard: An Ethnography of the Discussion Areas of an On-Line Course

  • Scott Campbell, Department of Communication Studies, University of Kansas 


8:00-9:20 215 Design
Moderator: Jean Trumbo, Department of Life Sciences Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
  • "There's More to Life Than Times New Roman!" Font Frenzy

  • Brenda Danet, Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
  • Bodies of Code: Software and Design in Virtual Environments

  • T.L. Taylor, Department of Communication, NCSU Raleigh 
  • Beyond Use and Design

  • Mikael Jakobsson, Department of Informatics, Umea University 
  • Taxonomies of Interactivity

  • Kumiko Aoki, Boston University 


8:00-9:20 216 Virtual Communities, Construction and Reality
Moderator: Caroline Bennett, Department of Humanities & International Studies, University of Southern Queensland
  • Virtual Communities as Information Environments

  • Gary Burnett, Florida State University 
  • Newsgroup Interaction as Urban Life

  • Stine Gotved, University of Copenhagen 
  • Revisiting Discussions of Virtual Community-Building: Insights from Study of a Multidimensional Site

  • K. Ann Renninger, Swarthmore College 
  • Nation and Simulation: The Rhetoric of Virtuality in Online Community Discourse 

  • Espen Aarseth, Department of Humanistic Informatics and Center for European Cultural Studies, University of Bergen 


9:30-11:00 223 Internet and Democratization
  • The Internet and Democratization

  • Doug Kellner, UCLA 
  • Digital Democratization : Who, Whom and the "Demos" Online?

  • Timothy W. Luke, Virginia Tech 
  • Digital Citizenship and Democratic Accountability: a Comparative Perspective

  • Liza Tsaliki, Department of Communications, Univ. of Nijmegen 


9:30-11:00 225 Advertising, Media, and Marketing
Moderator: Sally J. McMillan, University of Tennessee
  • Immersed In Shopping Online: Lessons From The Screen. 

  • Bruce D. Weinberg, Bentley College
  • Measuring Internet Advertising Effectiveness

  • Lars Bergkvist, Stockholm School of Economics 
  • Advertising's Influence on Web Site Content Credibility

  • Dale Brill, Florida State University 


9:30-11:00 226 The Virtual
  • We Have Always Been Virtual

  • Klaus Bruhn Jensen, Department of Film & Media Studies, Univeristy of Copenhagen 
  • The Rise of Virtuality and the Decline of Community

  • Matt Hern 
  • Mapping the Virtual in Social Sciences : The Notion of Virtual Community

  • Serge Proulx and Guillaume Latzko-Toth, Communication Departement, Universite du Quebec a Montreal
  • Because It is Important and Out There-- from Real Life Identity to Virtual Ethnicities

  • Nils Zurawski, Institute of Sociology, University of Muenster 



231 Keynote:Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis: The State of the Art
Susan Herring, Center for Social Informatics, Indiana University


12:30-1:50 233 Mediating New Media
  • Cyberspace and Social Space: Re-mapping Remediation and the Limits of Technoculture

  • James Hay, Department of Communication, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
  • The Reality of New Media

  • Jonathan Sterne, University of Pittsburgh 
  • The Limits of Dataveillance

  • Greg Elmer, Boston College 


12:30-1:50 235 Theory and Philosophy of E-commerce
Moderator: Catherine Curran, Creighton University 
  • E-commerce as a Confining Model

  • Eric Fay and Thomas de Charentenay 
  • The Coming of Post-Reflexive Society: A Critique of the Political Economy of Digital Capitalism

  • Greg Hearn, Queensland University of Technology 
  • Anchor in Wonderland: Reality, Hyperreality, and Surreality of E-commerce

  • Suraj Commuri, University of Nebraska 
  • Corporate Social Capital and the Internet: The Impact of a Constructed Web Site on Share Value of a Firm 

  • Daphna Shwarts Asher , 
  • Website Quality Assessment, Adrian Mihalache and Arthur Helweg, Western Michigan University 


1:00-3:10 241 Marketing on the Internet
Moderator: Kissan Joseph, School of Business, University of Kansas 
  • Electronic Recommendation Agents and Preference Construction
    Gerald Häubl,Banister Professor of Electronic Commerce and Assistant Professor of Marketing Faculty of Business University of Alberta
  • From Landscape to CyperSpace: Measuring Perceptual Antecedents of Preference for Web Pages

  • Surendra N. Singh, SouthWestern Bell Professor, Univ. of Kansas, Nikunj Dalal, Oklahoma State, and Nancy Spears, Stephen F. Austin State University 
  • Interaction of Banner Ads and Web Site Message: Implications for Site Design

  • Xiang Fang and Dennis Rosen, Univ. of Kansas


2:00-3:20 253 Methods: Gaining Inside Perspectives

Moderator: Ken Harwood, School of Communication, University of Houston 

  • Nurture the Hurt, Dude! An Ethnographic Portrait of an Internet Software Development Firm 

  • Daniel Marschall, CCT, Georgetown University 
  • Virtual Ethnography: a Media Event on the Internet 

  • Christine Hine, CRICT, Brunel University 
  • Finding the Pulse of the Organization: Anonymous and Confidential Web Sampling of Communication Satisfaction Factors 

  • Russell Clark, GE Corporate Research and Development and Joe Downing, Western Kentucky University 
  • Social Research Through the Unobtrusive Observation of Network Data: Methodological and Ethical Challenges 

  • Christian Sandvig, Stanford University and Emily Murase, Stanford Univeristy 


2:00-3:20 256 Open Source
  • Markets and Anti-Markets: Open Source Software and the Software Industry

  • Jeremy Hunsinger, Center for Digital Discourse and Culture, Virginia Tech 
  • The Politics of Linux

  • Ted Friedman, Georgia State University 



261 Keynote: Internet and the Network Society
Manuel Castells, Department of Sociology, University of California-Berkeley

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