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Virtual Graduate Seminar on Internet Research

Spring 2000

As part of the mission of the Association of Internet Researchers (a.o.i.r) to encourage scholarship and interdisciplinary research, a virtual graduate seminar is proposed in coordination of the a.o.i.r. 2000 conference scheduled for September 2000.

The purpose of the seminar is to bring together graduate students and scholars from various disciplines who study and research the Internet. The seminar will take place in the Spring semester of 2000 leading up to a face-to-face meeting of the participants at the conference in Kansas. The format of the 16 week seminar will be weekly virtual meetings and discussions of the work of scholars in the field, who are participating in the seminar. In addition, participants (graduate students and scholars) will be paired to work on a research project of mutual interest, which can then be submitted and presented at the conference as part of a special panel highlighting the seminar. The conference will also allow the participants to meet in person for a special non-virtual gathering of the seminar.

Students interested in participating can receive credit through their own institutions as an independent study under the direction of their advisor or other faculty member in their department. The student is responsible for all paperwork to obtain credit for the course. All students who participate in the seminar will also be expected to help with the logistics and planning of the conference in the summer leading up to the September conference date.

Anyone is welcome to recommend a scholar to be invited to participate in the seminar. Our goal is to have a true interdisciplinary group of scholars and students for the seminar. We encourage you to forward this message to anyone you think might be interested in participating in the seminar.

Any student interested in participating should contact Matt Stoner at gstoner@u.arizona.edu to express their interest. In addition, nominations are being accepted for potential scholars to participate in the virtual seminar and can also be sent to gstoner@u.arizona.edu

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