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This list reflects only the students which have submitted their bio.

Bram Dov Abramson

Telecommunication Research Analyst
TeleGeography, Inc.
Washington DC




B.A. Communication Studies, Concordia University, 1995.

M.Sc. Communication Sciences, Université de Montréal.



- Policy globalization and the 'information society': a view from Canada. Telecommunication Policy 23(10-11), 1999. (with Marc Raboy)

- Grasping an enigma: cultural policy and social demand. International Journal of Cultural Policy 4(2), 1998. (with Marc Raboy)

- Translating nations: actor-network theory in/and Canada. Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology 35(1), 1998.

Cultural economy of the technical and political infrastructures which undergird spatial relations. Political economy of interface design.

Sarah Bruno

Graduate Student
Saint Louis University
St. Louis MO



Research interests

study of self presentation in internet chat rooms; gender and communication in internet chat rooms.

Marie de la Paz

Graduate Student
California School of Professional Psychology, Alameda
Oakland CA




UCLA, BA Psychology, 1997


Research Interests

Internet chat rooms , Asian/Filipino populations, Virtual communities, Online friendships and relationships

Kim Gregson

Graduate Student
Indiana University
Bloomington IN




BA - University of Missouri-Columbia, 1979

MA - Indiana University - 1999



Hert, Carol, Gary Marchionini, Fred Conrad, Kim Gregson, "Designing for Evolving Digital Libraries", submitted to Information Processing and Management, 11/97

Hert, Carol & Kim Gregson & Anna Martinson, "User Goals on Information Retrieval Systems: A Comparison Across Systems", submitted to ASIS 1997 Annual Meeting

Rosenbaum, Howard & Kim Gregson, "A Study of State Funded Community Networks in Indiana: Final Report", 2/98.

Gregson, Kim, "Community Network and Political Participation: Developing Goals for System Developers", ASIS 1997 Annual Meeting, online, URL: http://www.asis.org/annual-97/kgregson.htm

Gregson, Kim, Charlotte Ford, "Evaluation of Community Networks", ASIS 1998 MidYear Meeting, online, URL: http://www.asis.org/Conferences/MY98/Gregson.htm

Gregson, Kim, "Conversations & Community or Sequential Monologues: An Analysis of Politically Oriented Newsgroups", ASIS 1998 Annual Meeting.

Research Interests:

campaign use of web pages, virtual communities, similarities of talk radio and chat rooms, how newspapers frame coverage of elections and of third parties, third parties & independent candidates in general, campaign internet advertising

Marina Oksengorn

Graduate Student
Augusta State University
Augusta GA





BA Psychology

Florida Atlantic University, 5/1998

MS Clinical Psychology

Augusta State University, Expected 5/99


Manuscripts under review:

"Relationships with Service Providers and Well-Being Among Older Adults"

Submitted to Basic and Applied Social Psychology July 1998, Revision submitted August 1999.


"Hard to Swallow: Are Women the Weaker Sex at the Table?"

Submitted to Proteus(U of Shippensburg), October 1999


Research Interets

National Medical Database and Likelihood to Seek Less Services in the Medical/Mental Health Community, schizophrenia, emotions, biopsychology.


Kelly Rowett

Graduate Student
UNC-Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill NC





UT-Austin, MFA, 1993


Selected Papers

"The Three Faces of Ophelia," presented at the Rhetorics and Feminisms Conference, Minneapolis, MN, Oct. 1999

"Cyberet," presented at Southeastern Women's Studies Conference, NC State U., March 1999

"Slash Fiction: A Case for Deviance and Desire," presented at the Feminism and Philosophy Conference, Vanderbilt U., February, 1999


Research Interests

practices and rituals of online behavior; ethnography and online communities; online media fandom and slash/alt. fiction


Kerrie Smyres

Graduate Student
Arizona State University
Phoenix AZ




Arizona State, BA, December 1997

Selected Papers

My only internet-based study is entitled _Virtual Corporeality: Adolescent Girls and Their Bodies in Cyberspace_ -- I will be presenting this at WSCA this spring and it is in press for _Web Talk_

Research Interets

feminist theory, adolescence, body image and online discussions of these topics

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