Internet Research 1.0:The State of the Interdiscipline 
The First Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers 
September 14-17, 2000 
University of Kansas 
Lawrence, Kansas

Sunday Schedule 

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Alphabetical listing of participants
Time Woodruff Centennial Jayhawk Pine International
8:00-9:20 Journal Editor's Roundtable 8:30-10:30 American Communication Journal  Coping with Illness 
9:30-10:50 Continued Web Interactive Fiction Space  Internet History

AoIR General Membership Meeting and Concluding Discussion


8:30-10:30 411 Journal Editor's Roundtable
  • Sarin Chen, Iowa Journal of Communications 
  • Teri Harrison, SUNY book series 
  • Nick Jankowski and Steve Jones, New Media and Society 
  • Storm King
  • Rob Kling, The Information Society 
  • Tim Luke, New Political Science 
  • Helen Nissenbaum, Ethics and Information Technology 
  • David Silver, Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies 
  • Joseph Walther, Journal of Online Behavior 
  • Barry Wellman, City and Community 


8:00-9:20 413 American Communication Journal
  • Ted Coopman 
  • Andrew F. Wood 
  • Stephanie J. Coopman 
  • Norman Clark 


8:00-9:20414 Coping with Illness
Moderator: Willadene Walker Schmucker 
  • Bibliotherapy: Providing Social Support by Posting Contributed Narratives on a Homepage

  • Dee Vernberg, University of Kansas 
  • Positive Both Virally and Mentally: The Support Process in an On-Line Support Group for Men with HIV/AIDs

  • Jennifer Peterson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
  • If You Are Us, Welcome Aboard!: How Group Ideology and Personal Narrative Function in an Internet Support Group

  • Stewart C. Alexander, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Brett Maddux, University of Colorado 


9:30-11:00 423 Web Interactive Fiction
Moderator: Len Hatfield, Virginia Tech 
  • What's There: An Analytical Review

  • Haskell Springer, University of Kansas 
  • How Web-Based Literature Challenges the Way We Read.

  • Kirby Fields, University of Kansas 
  • Web Fiction and Post-Modern Ideology

  • Aimee Vassar, University of Kansas 


9:30-10:50424 Space
  • Common Interpretative Spaces. How Common Interpretative Spaces Constitute Virtual Organizations and Communities

  • Daniel Diemers, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland 
  • "^-Where you mooing from?^" Textual Architecture and the Construction of Cyberplace(s)

  • Jenny Sunden, Department of Communication Studies, Linkoping University 
  • Chatting About Faith: Sacred Space in Cyberspace

  • Cheryl Casey, New York University 


9:30-10:50425 Internet History
  • The Digital Dark Ages: A Retro-Speculative History of Possible Futures 

  • Philip Graham, Department of Management, University of Queensland 
  • The Internet and the Rise of the New Network Cities, 1969-1999 

  • Anthony Townsend, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
  • Some Theses about The Reformation of Knowledge 

  • Laszlo Ropolyi, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Eotvos University 
    • Birth of a Skill: Web Site Design from 1993 to 1998
    Nalini P. Kotamraju, Department of Sociology, University of California at Berkeley 


11:00-12:00 431 Concluding discussion
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