Cyberschool Mission Statement

Cyberschool is an experiment to determine how best CMC (computer-mediated communication) technologies can be utilized at Virginia Tech in a range of courses in the College of Arts and Sciences. As a partnership between Arts and Sciences and the division of Information Systems, Cyberschool has an overarching mission: to redesign course offerings that take full advantage not only of what we are learning about instructional technologies, but also what we have discovered about the way students learn.

Cyberschool courses share common characteristics such as computer conferencing systems, e-mail, bulletin board services, and use of the World Wide Web. More importantly, however, courses are designed to test the strengths and limitations of the new learning networks in a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment. Members of the Cyberschool team(s) are dedicated to improving their teaching effectiveness through a student-centered approach to learning. Findings are shared with the team(s) so that participating faculty and staff can explore the new environment together.

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Last Update: June 3, 2000