Links to Electronic Classes and Resources

Innovations in Instruction
Educational Technologies's List of Pointers to Internet Resources
Sloan Center for Asynchronous Learning Environments (SCALE) at U of Illinois.

Len Hatfield's page of MUDs, MOOs, and online conferencing.
CSCL `95 Proceedings October 1995
Papers in the area of pedagogy re: networked computers in educational settings.
MIT EVAT Report - Educational Uses of the Web
UVA's Project Cape Town
New from the Commonwealth Center for the Education of Teachers at the Curry School of Education: Project Cape Town, a multicultural teaching case developed for the World Wide Web. Project Cape Town combines text with in-line photographs, QuickTime movies, and sound files for a multimedia presentation of education and integration issues in South Africa. The forms feature of current Web browsers allows interaction and shared perspectives.
HY309 - Electric Renaissance
The Art of Renaissance Science
NetFrog Title Page
Clarkson's / English Department's HTML Tutorial
New tools for teaching
Educational resources on the web
Institute for Learning Technologies at Columbia
Engines for Education...K-16 does HTML
Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA)
The Cornell Theory Center Math & Science Gateway
UW Radiology Webserver
Reed Interactive
Scott Midkiff's Example Pages - example of handling repetitive email questions - example of Powerpoint slides distributed via Acrobat
A constructivist approach to the internet
An Education-Oriented Guide to the Web
Britain's Open University
Prolog -
George Coates Performance Works

Coates is a performance artist/producer who puts together original works to address the impact of technology in our society -- by using technology, including Internet and a whole host of interactive multimedia tools, combined with live theatre in a physical site. This guy is way out there - and doing it beautifully (and he's partnered with some high-powered silicon valley companies to do it).

This web page -- which he calls a "web stage" -- is one of the most beautiful and best designed pages I've seen. It knocks your socks off! The "look" also makes a statement about his work. It is powered by Java and seemed to me to run/load faster than most sites, in spite of lots of pictures.

Searching for Laserdisc on VTLS (Virginia Tech Library System)
Do a call number search: c/optical disc no. 1. This should pull up the list starting with number 1.

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