Cyberschool Working Groups

Here are the working groups we decided upon during the meeting today (Thursday November 9th) If you couldn't attend today's meeting, please select one or more working groups you would like to participate in. I've added a very brief description of each, but they are evolving, so other things may of course be added.

Please could the facilitators hold at least one meeting of their group before the end of the semester (electronic or face-to-face), and then report back to the whole team at the beginning of the semester. Could you also, as Karen suggested, post the date, time and place of your meetings on this web page (send details to so that others may attend if they would like to do so?

Please don't hesitate to add yourselves to groups if you were omitted. Please contact the facilitators if you wish to be added to a group.

Thanks, Lucinda...

Computer Issues and Letter

John Husser (facilitator), Tim Luke, David Taylor, Michael Leahy, Ed Fox

Description: Discuss computer requirements for students; communicate with upper administration about information technology and its impact; look into access problems.

Student Training

Tom Head (facilitator), Art Buikema, Dwight Barnette, John Husser

Description: Look at training approaches for students in computer-enhanced and/or online classes; possible use of undergrad. assistants, etc.

Faculty Rewards

Valerie Hardcastle (facilitator), Scott Patterson, Gary Hardcastle, Lucinda Roy, Richard Winett, 2 nominees from the Academy of Teaching Excellence/CEUT.

Description: Examine faculty rewards as they pertain to tenure and promotion.

Next Meeting: tentatively Wednesday, November 29, 1995 at 10am.
Agenda: I would like to collect your thoughts regarding how faculty rewards should be given for those involved in creating and running cyber-classes. Please email me any ideas, intuitions, gut-reactions, despairs, hopes, or needs regarding this issue and I will collect them all to present at our meeting. Getting your impressions beforehand should streamline the process. I think that it is important to get a statement from our sub-group out as soon as possible, preferably before the end of this semester.

Electronic Conferencing

Len Hatfield (facilitator), Karen Swenson, David Taylor, Patsy Lavender

Description: Look at common approaches we could take to electronic conferencing; disseminate info. about FirstClass, Commonspace, etc.

Next Meeting: Williams 120, Thursday, 12/7, from 2 to 3:30pm.
Agenda: an inaugural gathering to discuss options and goals for electronic conferencing in Cyberschool.

CEUT/Student Learning

Terry Wildman (facilitator), Lucinda Roy, John Husser, Tim Luke, John Moore, Patsy Lavender, Susan Eriksson

Description: Find points of common concern between CEUT and the cyberschool team; focus efforts on student-centered learning models; develop guidelines for others interested in new teaching/learning paradigms.

Scale Up and Assessment

David Taylor (facilitator), John Neal, Sharon Pitt, Bill Claus, Art Buikema, Karen Swenson

Description: Look at problems of scale-up in these classes; examine assessment strategies; try to establish measures of success.

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