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Building and Sustaining Democratic and Accountable Governance Structures using ICT

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Digital Governance is an OPEN initiative. Each one of us could be a part of this global initiative which transcends all geographical and cultural barriers.

Digital Governance may seem to be a distant reality to many but it is definitely making its presence felt in influencing Global Decision-Making through the evolution of pro-active Knowledge Societies which transcends all geographical barriers. Fundamentally, a Knowledge Society which is enthused and capable of making an impact at the global level could be a powerful force to influence decision-making at the national and local level. Visionary leadership and  concerted efforts by national governments and the civil society would be required. Intermediary organisations and Knowledge Networkers will have an influential role to play in catalysing this process.

We believe voluntary efforts, intellectual contributions and involvement of each one of us will further the vision and reach of this Initiative to catalyse Digital Governance.

Please also look at our other initiative- The KnowNet Initiative at or at which aims to enable Knowledge Networking for Human Development in Developing countries.


For further information about Digital Governance and  KnowNet Initiative or how to get involved with it, email us at

Vikas Nath

Policy Analyst, United Nations Development Programme, New York

Inlaks Fellow, 2000-1, London School of Economics,  UK.

Innovator,  Digital Governance and KnowNet Initiative

Trainer and Consultant- ICT enabled Knowledge Networking and E-governance


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