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Africa Online 

Provides access to political news relating to various countries in Africa to enable greater awareness of citizens in political processes and debates.



Alternative multimedia organisations in Ecuador have joined together to create Altermedios, an association they hope will build and support democratisation of communications nationally. The organisation will support the active participation of civil society groups and their access to communication media. By providing such an opening for groups traditionally absent from public media coverage, the association hopes that their action will impact on public opinion in Ecuador's pluralist society, the development community and social movements nationally and internationally.


Anti-Corruption Network for Transition Economies

The Anti-Corruption Network for Transition Economies provides a forum for the exchange of information between anti-corruption practitioners and analysts in Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union. It also serves as a repository of anti-corruption project documentation, legislation, regional and international agreements, survey results, reports, research and other information.


Armenia: online Forum promotes democratic participation

Armenia's National Academy of Sciences has launched Forum -- a new web site -- with support from UNDP to harness information and communications technology to promote democracy. Forum ( ) which is in Armenian, helps increase public participation in governance, create new opportunities to broaden public awareness about democratic issues and establish new opportunities for interaction.


Australia: Government Online

Government Online is part of the National Office for the Information Economy, with a mission to get Commonwealth government services online.


Bangladesh: Human Rights Portal

BHRN will actively promote human rights reforms both within Bangladesh and across geographical and political boundaries, and will support women, children, and marginalized communities in resisting social oppression. It will look at attempts by global forces (powerful governments, TNCs, international organizations) through surveillance, covert mechanisms and military and economic superiority to exploit and control smaller nations and communities. Read the Significant Cases Section : 


Brazil : Government's Website

The official national E-Government web site of Brazil.


Brazil: Prefeitura.SP (new!)

Prefeitura.SP is the online portal of the SÑo Paulo city government. It contains a wealth of information, including all types of social services offered and a list of government agencies' contact information. It especially encourages participatory government by including a step-by-step guide on how to participate in making the budget of the city, town meeting schedules, and informal online polls regarding the services of the city.


Cameroon: Gateway to Government Information

The official national E-Government web site of Cameroon.

Canada : Laws of Canada

A searchable list of Canadian laws, provided by the Canadian government.

Central America: Government, ICT & Civil Society in Central America

 The site contains an annotated bibliography, list of online resources, examples and legislation, and some papers relating to e-government and e-democracy in Central America.


Center for Democracy and Technology
The Center for Democracy and Technology works to promote democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age. With expertise in law, technology, and policy, CDT seeks practical solutions to enhance free expression and privacy in global communications technologies.

Centre for Digital Government

The Center for Digital Government is a US national research and advisory institute providing government and industry leaders with decision support, research and education services to help them effectively incorporate new technologies in the 21st century. 

Centre for e Government

Centre for e Government is an electronic forum which acts as a focus for e government expertise and knowledge. The Centre acts as a means of informing debate, mounting conferences, demonstrating new ideas and products, facilitating national and international contacts, enabling governments to make resource improvements, and marketing the latest solutions.

Chapter 2 Network

The Chapter 2 Network is a clearinghouse of information and communication for social justice issues in South Africa. Through its website, it provides information about advocacy campaigns; training on Advocacy and lobbying, including learning practical skills through the Advocacy game; research on political intelligence, policy analysis and legislation monitoring and networking opportunities to interact with other civil society organisations who are engaged in social justice advocacy.

Civic.Com : E-governance news

News updates on e-governance pertinent issues from


CO-democracy focuses on community aspects of e-democracy and e-government during the UK General Election 2001 and beyond. We aim to provide quality news, features and resources from the UK and around the world.

Costa Rica: Democracia Digital

A non-profit civic initiative directed towards using information and communication  technology  for the extension and the enrichment of the democratic coexistence of the Costa Rican society, facing the beginning of a new century. The strategy aims at information dissemination on subjects relative to the public interest and creation of new spaces of consultation. 

Costa Rica: Government Services Online

Costa Rica is one of the few countries having a vision to provide all citizens and Civil Society organizations free access to email, webpage and other resources through Tele-Centres located in all the municipalities. This particular section of the site  (the site belongs to the government in co-partnership with the private sector and civil society) enables citizens to get more information about the concerned government organisations and interact with them through the internet.

Cyberspace Graveyard for Disappeared Persons

This web-site provides information relating to disappearances cases in Asia in recent times. Besides particulars relating to cases it also provides other political, sociological and legal information relating to the countries where disappearances have taken place. It is hoped that this web-site will help campaigners against disappearances by providing relevant information. A primary aim of the web-site is get disappearances recognized as a crime against humanity. 

Democracy Forum

The purpose of democracy forum is discussion, debate, announcements, proposals and other information about: the role of new information technology and communication media in democracy and other  related topics which may not primarily address communication media.

Democracy Online

The Democracy Online Project has three principal goals: the establishment of a research base for the study of online politics, especially with respect to American campaigns and elections, the design, testing, refinement, and promotion of an appreciation statement regarding appropriate standards of practice for the conduct of online campaigning; and the creation and public promotion of an online public space where good campaign practices and democratic values may thrive.


Democracy Project

The Democracy Project is the sponsor of, a citizen-centric public space on the Internet. Our goal with is to allow citizens to inform themselves, engage each other and political leaders, and help shape the public agenda. With 35 million people going online this year for election information, we have a unique opportunity to set the standards for an online public space. 


Development Gateway : E-Government

A gateway developed by World Bank providing links to papers, discussions, events etc.  relating to E-government.


Digital Dividend Project Search

Use the keyword or category search to find projects based on specific words within project titles and descriptions.


Digital Democracy
All over the world the Net is changing how people understand and participate in democracy. As elections take place this month in Colombia, Kosovo, the United States and across Africa, MediaChannel affiliates explore how the Net is transforming.


Direct Democracy

Direct Democracy is a mechanism of good government. When time is ripe for them, new important ideas or revolutionary discoveries are often conceived simultaneously in more than one place. This seems to be true for the idea of DD, which has in recent years sprung to life in different places of the world. The emergence of the World Wide Web definitely helped DD.

Introduction of Digital Governance is a way to ensure that common citizens have equal right to be a part of decision-making processes which affect them directly or indirectly, and influence them in a manner which best improves their conditions and the quality of lives. The new form of Governance will ensure that citizens are no longer passive consumers of services offered to them and would transform them to play a decisive role in deciding the kind of services they want and the structure which could best provide the same.


Dominican Republic: Dominican Alliance Against Corruption (new!)

The website publishes the entry and exit assets of public officials. In addition it publishes officials' bank account numbers, national identification numbers, and home addresses on its site to help citizens detect possible fraudulent acts committed while in office. 


E-Advocates (new!)

e-advocates helps organizations harness the power of the Internet to achieve legislative and political objectives.



The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched a new Web site aimed at resolving international e-commerce disputes by allowing Internet users from around the world to file complaints at one location. will allow Internet users to file complaints in English, French, German and Spanish. Specifically designed to address cross-border, international e-commerce disputes, will record the complaints and pass them along to civil and criminal fraud fighters around the world.


E-Governance Projects in India (Ministry of Information Technology)

A new division of Electronic Governance has been set up in the Ministry of Information Technology as an initiative to accelerate the usage of Information Technology in all spheres of Governance. The E-Governance division examines the practical implications of IT related issues in the Government with the aim of improving services to the citizens. 

Earth Negotiations Bulletin

A reporting service which keeps informed citizens worldwide about global environmental negotiations, processes and decisions. The service is especially useful for developing countries to keep track of Global Governance issues.

eGovLinks was developed to serve as a resource for anyone interested in Electronic / Digital Government.   It is our belief that the benefits of 'e-Gov' will be fully realized only through the rapid and easy dissemination of information, meaningful interaction and far-reaching collaboration. 


E-Governance Links

The site provides a comprehensive link to other global initiatives relating to e-governance.


Election Resources

In this space you will find links to Internet sites around the world which provide complete and detailed national and local election statistics, as well as other election resources. is the premiere political Internet news and tools provider for Spanish- speaking markets around the world.


El Salvador: Probidad

Probidad promotes democratization efforts vis-Ã-vis diverse and integrated anti-corruption initiatives, most which rely on the use of ICT and an extensive network of contacts. The  activities are designed to monitor corruption and control mechanisms; mobilize awareness about the complexities and costs of corruption and increased interest and participation in curbing it; enhance the anti-corruption capacity of other civil society organizations, media, government, business, and researchers in our region; and contribute to more informed local and context-specific measures that undermine corruption and promote good governance.

A network for the network politics to exchange Ideas, bundle up energies, and maintain contacts.



FirstGov is a free-access website designed to be a centralized place to find information about local, state, and U.S. Government Agency websites. It is an official United States Government website.


France : e-Govt. Portal

The French Government's e-Government Portal.


Friends of the Earth Political Action Committee (FoEPAC)

The Friends of the Earth PAC is a non-partisan Political Action Committee supporting candidates with good environmental records and defeating candidates with poor environmental records. 


Generation Net

Generation Net engages young people in the political process, tapping the power of the Internet to democratically determine our own non-partisan agenda, raise public awareness of pressing issues, and coordinate grassroots advocacy campaigns to generate national policy changes.
Global Corruption Report

The Global Corruption Report 2001, launched on 15 October 2001, is the new publication of Transparency International (TI), the leading global anti-corruption NGO. It provides an overview of 'the state of corruption' around the globe.


Governments on the WWW (new!)

Comprehensive database of governmental institutions on the World Wide Web: parliaments, ministries, offices, law courts, embassies, city councils, public broadcasting corporations, central banks, multi-governmental institutions etc.


Greenpeace CyberSpace Sleuths

Greenpeace is using the cyber sleuths campaign to spread awareness about logging companies which are destroying last ancient rainforests of Canada. It seeks to involve people to find customers who are the user of their products. 


Global Public Policy Project

Governments and intergovernmental organizations can no longer by themselves dictate responses to global policy issues. The private sector and civil society (including non-governmental organizations, the media, professional groups, and the public at large) have an increasing influence on almost any global issue. The purpose of this project is to prepare a report that examines a range of global challenges and the potential contribution of global public policy networks to address them. 


Hansard Society

Public dissatisfaction with parliament and politicians has intensified at a time when both are more exposed to greater public scrutiny. Questions are asked about how representative parliament is, its relationship with the executive and the degree to which it operates effectively within a complex and rapidly changing modern environment. These concerns are reflected in the current work of the Hansard Society which exists to promote more effective parliamentary democracy. 


IBM Institute for Electronic Government

The Institute for Electronic Government, IBM Corporation (IEG), was founded in 1995 as a resource for public sector leaders worldwide in electronic government. The IEG focuses on issues including public policy as it relates to technology strategy and execution, economic development and education, online citizen and business services, and e-democracy.


IGC Internet

Institute for Global Communications (IGC) has changed the way the progressive community worked by introducing them to email, online discussions, mailing lists and the Web. IGC Internet offers progressive individuals and groups a place on the Internet to learn, meet and organize. At the moment, IGC Internet is changing to take its community of activists and non-profit professionals into the Internet's next wave by focusing on content, information sharing and new, collaborative tools.


Independent Media Centre

The Center  was established by various independent and alternative media organizations and activists for the purpose of providing grassroots coverage of the World Trade Organization (WTO) protests in Seattle lin 1999.  The center acted as a clearinghouse of information for journalists, and provided up-to-the-minute reports, photos, audio and video footage through its website. 


India : People First

The prime objective of People First is researching the reasons for failure of governance in India, designing and advocating institutional reforms required, and evolving a legitimate, non-violent process for realising them. 


India: (Tamil Nadu)

This site is intended to assist Government departments and I.T users in various Government departments in TamilNadu and the rest of the country.  The site has been designed for maximum use for District Collectors for computerising various Government activities at district level such as Taluk (Tehsil) office automation, including land record computerisation, Block office automation, DRDA automation, fair price shop computerisation without use of computers or any other equipment at the fair price shop level and so on.


India: Karnataka E-governance Initiatives

The various departments of the Karnataka government are also introducing electronic means to computerise their activities and take IT to the masses. Each government department has conducted several departmental activities in e-governance.


India: Andhra Pradesh (India) Electronic Governance Initiative
TWINS is a unique IT project taken up by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, India, to take the benefits of Information Technology to the Common man.


India: Central Vigilance Committee
A pioneering Indian Initiative toward e-vigilance. Its function is to advise and guide Central Government agencies in the field of vigilance.


India: Directory of Official Websites of Government of India

National informatics Centre (India) makes available Ministerial Information, Indian Laws and Legislations Online, Contact Details etc. online for public access.


India: Centre for Electronic Governance

The centre has been set up at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) with the twin objectives of identifying worthwhile applications and disseminating knowledge and skills for successful implementation of  electronic governance applications amongst the bureaucracy and other stake holders.


India: Madhya Pradesh's E-governance site (Jabalpur)

The Government has gone online in Jabalpur division. The administration has launched its interactive website and CD containing all information on government departments and schemes at


India: E-Governance Bulletin (new!)

EGovernance bulletin produced by National Informatics Centre (NIC) India.



Monitoring Indonesia's new regional autonomy laws and regulations; decentralization of powers to its provincial administrations and local governments (regencies and cities); governance reform; tax, aid, environment and social equity; investment and development opportunities.


Institute on Governance : Governance and the Web

The Institute believes that new technologies, and in particular the Internet, are having a profound effect on governance. For example, these technologies create new expectations among citizens for how governments should interact with them, and how services should be delivered. The internet provides civil society organizations around the world with greater access to information, and enhances their opportunities to collaborate and to bring pressure to bear on policy makers. 


International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration

The International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration (ICA) is a nonprofit international association. It promotes and facilitates the informal exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences on the management, organizational impactand use of information technology (IT). Annual conferences, study groups, regular publications and frequent contacts between ICA members and associates are used to achieve ICA's goals.


International Foundation for Election Systems

IFES provides nonpartisan technical assistance in the promotion of democracy worldwide and serves as a clearinghouse for information about democratic development and elections. Since its inception, IFES has grown and worked in more than 100 countries around the world, earning an international reputation for the highest quality assistance and research in support of building and consolidating democratic institutions.


International Institute for Communication Development (IICD) Governance projects (new!)

Links to IICD Projects on governance.


International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

International IDEA promotes and advances sustainable democracy and improves and consolidates electoral processes world-wide. It provides a forum for discussions and action among individuals and organizations involved in democracy promotion. Global in ownership and score, independent of national interests, and flexible and quick in its responses, International IDEA is the only international organization with this unique mandate. 


Internet Rights and Civil Liberties Monitor

The APC expresses its sympathy and support to the many people whose lives have been impacted on by the brutal attacks in the US on September 11 2001. Events such as these are deeply challenging at many levels. Citizens in the US, and elsewhere in the world, are reminded of their vulnerability and understandably, are concerned that their governments take action to ensure their safety.


Japan: Government Website

House of Councillors-The National Diet of Japan provides links to the following sites: House of Representatives, National Diet Library, Prime Minister's Official Residence, Cabinet Legislation Bureau, Cabinet Office, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications.


Japan: Electronic Voting in Japan

Information Technology has produced the ultimate voting system, called "Direct Recording Election." This voting system records voting results accurately, in their entirety. In manual operations, mistakes and fraud occur. The more these are eliminated from the voting process, the greater the accuracy of the ballot. This allows an expansion of the primary objective of voting, the reflection of popular will. The system will permit barrier-free voting in all areas. is the free, continuous e-government news service which gives users access to the top stories as they unfold throughout the day - accessible via a dynamic Home page with links to other current stories as well as to regular features and an international projects directory. The service is intended for the professionals delivering information age government as well as public interest advocates.


Kaieteur Institute For Knowledge Management : The e-KNOWLEDGE MARKET AS AN ENABLER OF e-GOV

The institute envisages a future in which e-Knowledge Markets and Exchanges move beyond mere hubs and portals, to become critical and innovative gateways to e-gov knowledge. It is possible today to enable the better management of knowledge, not only external to government, but also to drive superior knowledge proficiency and performance within government.


Kyrgyzstan:  Government Site 

Internet is being used by political parties and NGOs to distribute their documents and network with each other and organizations abroad. This is the official  government site which serves like an official gazette - everyone gets to read documents signed by prime-minister and president. 


Latin American Parliament

Links to other Parliaments and Parliamentary organizations.


Malaysia: Civil Society Link

A gateway to Malaysian government information and online services.


New Zealand: E-government
The key to New Zealand's success will be the E-government Unit and the structure around it. We have participation from the highest levels of Government, and across and outside the Public Sector. Responsibility for success rests with the E-government Director, the State Services Commissioner and the Minister of State Services.

Nigeria: Nigerian Assembly
A civil society led initiative to be a credible, authoritative, and speedy source of information on Nigeria‰s Legislative houses, for the benefit of news agencies, media organisations, and other national and international public. It aims to act as a watchdog of the Nigerian Legislature and uphold its responsibility and accountability to the people.

On-line Governance

Resources compiled by UNESCO on IT and Governance


Pakistan: Punjab Government goes online

The website contains information about the economy, culture, government, cabinet, rules of business 1974, and much more. The website says, "Punjab Government may adopt 'SAAF Model' of E-Government. The model is devised in order to formulate a future paradigm for a stable and organised government. In its literal meanings, it connotes, 'transparency and openness', (the two significant hallmarks of Islamic government). It also echoes the concept of public participation in the political process and its access to the information."


Philippines: is the non-partisan, non-sectoral online directory and quick reference center on Philippine elected government officials and election candidates for both the national and the local levels. As such, it has a dual purpose of helping the voters know who are running in their respective area and who their incumbent elected officials are.

As public issues become increasingly complex, competing interests must be reconciled and the effects of policy directions on all sectors carefully weighed. There are many instances in which government lacks the jurisdiction or capacity to deal with such issues on its own, and where sound policy can only result from a partnership of ideas. In addition, the credibility and integrity of public institutions in democratic society hinges increasingly on their efforts to develop consultative processes and quality services that respond to clients' needs.


Portugal : INFOCID

A great portal site on Public Administrative information and issues in Portuguese. Provides name and addresses of the Government and all public organisations, relevant documents and debates etc.  (To Translate : Go to Systran)


Private Sector Businesses Interested in Government Business Opportunities

Comprehensive resources collection on private sector business concerned with e-governance initiatives.


Promoting Participation, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship through IT

A slide show presentation by Parmesh Shah, Participation Coordinator, Social Development Department, The World Bank.



Quorum is a public forum for a new democracy conversation. Our technology promotes intelligent, diverse and deliberative discussions, both here and among a network of sites around the Internet.


Respondanet (Latin America) (new!)

A bilingual website sponsored by the U.S. Aid for International Development (USAID), serves up documents, surveys, and reports on accountability and anti-corruption initiatives in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Launched in 1998, Respondanet also hosts Anticorrupci÷n Sin Fronteras (Anti-corruption Without Borders), a listserv forum that allows civil-society groups to exchange information and ideas on anti-corruption activities. 


Slash Democracy

A site on eDemocracy, eDeliberation, and eConsultation.


South Africa: Parliamentary Website

Since the establishment of the new Parliament in 1994 a number of steps have been taken to make Parliament more accessible. This has been done to make the institution more accountable, as well as to motivate and facilitate public participation in the legislative processes. From this site you will be able to get the most important information about Parliament, as it unfolds.


Teledemocracy Action News + Network (TAN+N)

The Teledemocracy Action News + Network --- TAN+N the website of the Global Democracy Movement is dedicated to the creative use of modern technologies (ICT) and face-to-face deliberative techniques in all forms that directly empower citizens to have authentic input into political systems at all levels of governance around the world.


The Urban Governance Initiative's Virtual Policy Studio (TUGI-VPS) 

The TUGI-VPS will provide a platform for all urban stakeholders to discuss urban governance and other urban issues and learn from each other. The TUGI -VPS invites participation from  governments , NGOs, private sector, communities, academics, research and training organizations, media etc. Participation is in an individual capacity and opinions/comments are not attributed to organizations.



The site enables individuals to contribute to government policy-making through official consultations, and discuss views with other citizens. Citizens can also find information about their  elected representatives and get information on elections, or how to vote and how to make complaints about public services.


UK: CitizensOnline

An independent not for profit organisation committed to promoting universal internet access and to addressing the issues of the digital divide.


UK: edemocracy

edemocracy from UK Citizens Online Democracy provides information, resources, help and guidance on electronic democracy. Not only does it provide access to a range of web services relating to electronic democracy, it also provides several of its own forums to discuss political issues affecting the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). 


UK: Society of Information Technology Management (E-government Index)

The use of information and communications technology to improve the services provided by both central and local government is now a key element of the policies of all the major political parties in the United Kingdom. The links on this website provide information on these policies at an overall strategic level. Policies relating to particular aspects, such as Social Inclusion, will be found under the appropriate topics. 

UNDP IT Observatory on E-governance

Link to resources on E-governance on UNDP IT Observatory


UN Thessaloniki Centre for Public Service Professionalism (new!)

To support and promote the modernization of administrative systems in the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe, including C.I.S., through policy advice and intensive personnel training. To assist the countries concerned to join and participate in the activities of a global online programme for the conduct of a dialogue and the exchange of experience, data, ideas and expertise on the field of administrative reform.


US: WhiteHouse

The US White House Site. 

US: E-Gov Channel of GovTech

The site provides comprehensive updates on e-governance in US States. 

Virtual Mayor

The idea for creating Virtual Mayor was spawned out of frustration of the events of the London Mayoral Election and the ongoing political party posturing, that so often ignores the people for whom the process was originally intended to represent. The intention of Virtual Mayor was to return dignity to the office of mayor by allowing Londoners to elect a website,, as their mayoral candidate. 

Vote Smart Web

Provides information on candidates and election officials. (United States). 

Web  White and Blue

Web White & Blue is a non-partisan consortium of 17 of the largest Internet sites and news organizations who have come together to highlight the potential of the Internet to expand citizen participation in our democracy. They include major portals and news organizations which together reach more than 85% of the total US Internet audience. 

Websites of Nations in UN Working Group on Informatics
Websites of the nearly 120 countries participating in the United Nations Working Group on Informatics, toward the end of promoting both "electronic governance" and also "e-society". 

Women Leaders Online/Women Organizing for Change

An activist group on the internet -- empowering women in politics, media, society, the economy and cyberspace, and building an online network of one million women (and sympathetic men).

World Bank's E-governance Site

E-Government refers to the use of information and communications technologies to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of government. (Click here for a more complete definition.) Several studies of E-Government are available. However, to date, most examples of E-Government are drawn from high-income countries. This site focuses primarily on E-Government applications in less developed nations.

World Movement for Democracy

The World Movement for Democracy is a global network of democrats, including activists, practitioners, academics, policy makers, and funders, who have come together to develop new forms of cooperation to promote the development of democracy.


Worldwide Resources on Government

Comprehensive database of governmental institutions on the World Wide Web: parliaments, ministries, offices, law courts, embassies, city councils, public broadcasting corporations, central banks, multi-governmental institutions etc. Initiative is conceived and managed by:


Vikas Nath 

Inlaks Fellow (2000-1), London School of Economics, UK

Founder, Initiative


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